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Victoria Muñoz

Life Coaching

It’s Time to Get Unstuck.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life came with a handbook? A convenient guide to flip through when you need support, encouragement or guidance? That’s what life coaching can offer.

Start Here. Go Anywhere.

First things first: Let’s determine if life coaching is right for you, and whether or not we would be a good fit.

Meet Victoria Muñoz.

Helping people manage life’s interactions is Victoria’s passion. Being human is a complicated endeavor. No wonder things get chaotic at times.

Why Somatic Experiencing?

Whether you were born into trauma, experienced it at some point in your life—or both—your mind and body have been affected.

The Co-Active Model.

Co-Active helps you stretch your sightline, get out of your comfort zone and grow along the way.

Training & Education.

Victoria Muñoz is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

No one has the answers to all of life’s questions, but I can certainly help out with these. If you are unsure about something not covered here, please feel free to contact me.


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Stop, Collaborate & Listen

View a few videos from educators that have influenced how I work with clients:

“All is love…All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now.”

– Brian Weiss M.D.

What Clients Are Saying

Victoria’s thought provoking questions helped me to see who and what matters most to me. I feel like I have a clear picture of my purpose in life and Victoria helped dig out the self-love and self confidence that had been buried for years. During our coaching sessions, I could actually feel a power inside of me coming alive! Victoria is like a perfect mix of a mentor, cheerleader and friend all wrapped up into a life coach. Talking to her was like talking to someone I have known my entire life.

Lena M.

When I first started this Life Coaching journey with Victoria, I didn't know what to expect, and did not understand what a Life Coach was. I also didn't think I needed one! I came to learn that the life coach focused on current and relevant topics that could be directly applied to my daily life, and it differed from other therapy that dredged up painful childhood moments. I learned so much about myself, as I stayed open minded to the process. Victoria, and her coaching, came into my life at the most perfect time and I am so grateful for her kindness and empathy. I would recommend Life Coaching with Victoria for those who are open to learning more about themselves and their journey.

Sarah B.

What stands out for me the most about the work we did together was how well you held the space for me to process the emotions and thoughts I was having about the situation I was in. It was in that space that I was able to find the truth about what was happening and the solution for moving through it. That wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t feel safe enough to be honest about what was coming up. But I felt free to be right where I was at and because of that was able to finally get where I wanted to go.


Victoria was my first life coach. Before working with her I had worked with therapists and professional mentors but I had never tried coaching so I didn’t know what to expect. I was so pleasantly surprised with the results. I felt invigorated and motivated after each coaching call. After our first few calls I would make sure that I’d schedule our phone calls for the beginning of my busiest days so that our calls would motivate and inspire me throughout the day. During our time working together I gained the courage to pursue a career path that really fit my personality and lifestyle rather than something more traditional. I have carried what we worked on together and still use the tools often. I would definitely recommend Victoria to anyone looking to upgrade and optimize their life!


Victoria is incredible. I had never been “coached” before, so, I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew I was stuck in a certain area of my life and I needed some guidance. The amazing thing our session, Victoria didn’t necessarily give me advice or tell me what to do. She pulled out from within me what I already knew I should do. The answers were already in there, I was just afraid to tap into them. I was afraid to acknowledge what I already knew needed to be done. That was a changing point for me. I left that session and immediately started implementing some changes, which ultimately led to changing the trajectory of my business and career. I can’t thank her enough. So grateful to have had this experience!


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